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Core Competitiveness

Inphilight’s core competitiveness comes from our leading research and development and innovation capabilities, original optical design packaging platform, ultra-high optical coupling efficiency, and high-speed optical transceiver design capabilities. The professional design of high-frequency circuits and signal integrity, plus our independently developed, fully automatic, and efficient testing platform, guarantees the high-cost performance of our products.

  • Focus on the application of new optoelectronic technology in the optical fiber communication industry.
  • R&D of high-end optical transceiver products such as 800gG/400G/100G.
  • Established a complete design team in optics, electronics, machinery, software, testing, and manufacturing.

Rapid Production

Comprehensive and effective personnel training and certification system, high-level automatic development and implementation team, production manufacture plan (PMP) and manufacture operation instruction (MOI), and high-level and purified production environment and automatic production line all ensure the high-frequency mass production and leading quality of the company’s products.

Cooperate with strategic partners in North America, China, Japan, and other key components to ensure quality, cost, and delivery.

The production workshop management system is effectively implemented to realize process control, traceability, quality control, and automatic processing of test data.

A complete set of production manufacture plans (PMP) and manufacture operation instructions (MOI) is established.

Leading Scale Advantages

Inphilight is committed to the development of the optical transceiver industry, and its production scale and supply capacity are at the forefront of the industry. Economies of scale improve the company’s ability to accept large orders and reduces the company’s manufacturing and purchasing costs.

The introduction of various series of different types of optical transceivers provides clients with the best optical transceiver solutions for cloud data centers, wireless access, transmission, and other fields. The production scale and supply capacity are among the top in the industry, providing strong support for continued leading market competitiveness.

  • Large order and small order both accepted
  • Support product cost reducing
  • Support procurement cost decreasing
  • Huge Cost Deduction

Buy our transceivers, you can save up to 30%. At the same time, our cost can be well controlled based on our purchasing sources. Over 80% of our cooperating suppliers have been worked with us for more than 5 years.

Tested Optical Transceivers

Quality assurance is one of the cornerstones in our philosophy, therefore before delivery, every product must pass series of tests which vary depending on the product type: For Optical Transceivers

  • Transceiver Performance Testing
  • Compliance Verification for Distance
  • Wavelength
  • Traffic Density
  • Light
  • Tx/Rx power test
  • Eye diagram test
  • Voltage test
  • Temperature cycling test
  • Aging test
  • DDM test
  • Lens cleanliness test
  • Compatibility and switch performance test
  • Packaging and final quality check before delivery

Professional Staff

Over 90 technician support makes it easy to settle down all kinds of issues. 60% of the engineers have worked in this field for over 5 years. They are all with experience of working in companies like Juniper, Huawei, ZTE, etc.

Adequate Inventory

Adequate inventory to make sure of the timely delivery. As a manufacturer, Inphilight is with sufficient stock all year-round, this includes some high-value products such as SFP+/XFP BIDI, QSFP+SR, QSFP+LR, etc. We also stock a large number of semi-finished lasers and chips. That’s the reason why we can manufacture those high-level optical modules faster than other suppliers in China.​


MBTF is 5 years. due to partnerships with Tier 1 chip manufacturers, as well as in-house programming and testing. In other words, our process catches most failures or defects long before they would reach our partners.

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