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As an independent self-developing optical transceiver manufacturer, we are here not only to significantly reduce your costs but to support and advise from project inception.

What We Offer

To meet increasing customer demand for flexible designs and tailor-made manufacturing services, Inphitech offers OEM/ODM service to reduces partners’ engineering efforts and shortens time-to-market response to put our partners ahead of the competition.

What We Have

Inphitech has more than 5,000 square meters in size and more than 3,000 square meters of dust-free workshop, More than 50 patents and Copyrights, Through ISO9001, ISO45001, CE, FCC, RoHS certification, More than 90 R&D engineers, and more than 15 years of industry research and development experience, focusing on optical packaging R&D, product structure R&D, software development, hardware development, product testing, and project management.

Daily capacity of 30,000 PCs, Products cover 400GB, 100GB, 40GB, 25GB, 10GB, 1.25GB, etc., Product on-machine testing to ensure perfect compatibility with most communication devices such as Cisco, IBM, HUAWEI, H3C, ZTE, Intel, DELL, etc., Strict quality inspection team, to ensure that no failure within 5 years.

Inphitech has a number of Wafer SMT equipment, gold wire bonding equipment, multi-channel optical coupling equipment, high-speed parallel automated test equipment, high-density optical/electrical DB WB equipment, module aging box, rapid temperature cycle box, high temperature, and high humidity box.

More than 300 people in the company, respectively in the R & D center, Marketing Department, planning supply chain department, manufacturing center, quality department, administrative department work conscientiously and conscientiously. And in the next two years, Inphitech will have more than 200 development engineers working on 400GB, 1TB, and even higher rate optical modules, achieving mass production of 400GB optical modules in 2022, while ensuring a maximum daily total production capacity of more than 60,000 units.

Why Choose Us

Inphitech commits to deliver quality solutions to our customers through our OEM/ODM services.

  • Free sample for test.
  • Daily capacity of 30,000 PCs.
  • Strong technical background and R & D team.
  • Extensive coverage of product lines.
  • MTBF is 5 years.
  • Fully compatible optical transceivers.

What we Test

Product testing to ensure compatibility & performance.
Each optical module has gone through at least 92 production procedures and 34 times of testing, strictly in compliance with ISO management standards. It is fully compatible with most communication devices such as Cisco, IBM, HUAWEI, H3C, ZTE, Intel, DELL, etc.

In the EVT phase, the product reliability test was started. The test items included HTOL\TC\DH and other climatic environment tests, TS\MS\MV and other mechanical environment tests, plug-and-pull force\retention force\plug-and-pull life, and other mechanical performance tests and EMC tests. Periodic ORT tests are performed on products in the mass production phase.

What We Promise

  • 100% tested
  • 3 years warranty
  • Free return and exchange within 30 days
  • Professional and strong packaging
  • Most orders will be delivered within 3 working days

Technical Support

Inphitech’s team of experts has in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience to help with any project, large or small.


Inphitech is a professional manufacturer of all types of optical transceivers for the optical communication and network markets. Our optical transceivers include SFP, SFP BiDi, SFP+, QSFP28, QSFP+, QSFPDD.

Inphitech has full OEM/ODM capability. Inphitech can design and manufacture optical transceivers according to your requirements.

Our products are compliant with FCC/CE/ROHS certification and come with a 3-year warranty. All optical transceivers we sell are secure, reliable.

Inphitech sincerely wants to establish long-term and ongoing business relations with worldwide clients.

Warmly welcome to visit Inphitech.

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