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Independent research and development


Optical transceiver supplier with core tech and patents

  • Inphitech provides optical transceiver module ODM service for 12 brand partners.
  • 70+ patents and copyrights keep Inphitech a leading role in fields of hermetic packaging technology, automatic testing, process design, high-speed circuit design and other professional technology.
  • More than 90 R&D engineers has industry research and development experience, focusing on optical packaging , product structure , software & hardware development, product testing and management.
  • Passed ISO9001, ISO45001, CE, FCC and ROHS certifications.

Self-own Factory and Advanced Lab


Optical transceiver module manufacturer supports customization

  • Daily capacity of 30,000 PCs, mean time between failures 10 years.
  • Each optical transceiver module produced by Inphitech has to passe at least 92 production processes and 34 tests.
  • Fully compatible with most communication equipments includes Cisco,Juniper,Arista,Huawei,Mellanox,Nokia,Erisscon,Broadcom,ZTE and etc.
  • Inphitech has a number of Wafer SMT equipments, gold wire bonding equipments, multi-channel optical coupling equipments, high-speed parallel automated test equipments, high-density optical electrical DB/WB equipments, module aging boxes, rapid temperature cycle boxes, high temperature and high humidity boxes.
optical transceiver oem
custom optical transceivers

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We Believe in Providing Quality Services

Daily Capacity


Quality Tests


Full Compatibility

Normal working hours for our high-quality and high-speed optical transceiver modules

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Dust-Free Workshop

Inphitech has a dust-free workshop of 3500 square meters with strict production process control.

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High-End Equipment

Eutectic machine imported from the United States, to ensure the high quality of single mode transceiver.

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Professional Technology

Independently developed and designed COB platform, leading Die bonding, Wier bonding technology.

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